17 August 2015

My Travel Companions

I am planning for a 2 weeks trip during the month of December in SAARC regions.

I did some researches in the Internet and decided to take the following with me.

1. Osprey Farpoint 40 Liter Backpack
2. Two pants (Purchased from Grameen UNIQLO)
3. Three shirts
4. Two Lungi
5. TwoT-shirts
6. A warm Jacket
7. A 700 ml water bottle
8. A Waterproof transparent bag
9. A sleeping bag
10. A lightweight towel
11. A shorts
12. A trekking Shoe
13 A Sandal
14. Three pairs of socks and underwear
15. A power bank
16. Laptop
17. Mobile

What do you think about the list? Have I missed anything? Have I decided to take something unimportant?

What do you usually take while going for a backpacking tour somewhere?